Prescription for Reviving Hardwood Floors.

A new easy to use product, Minwax(R) Hardwood Floor Reviver allows homeowners to restore beauty and luster to scuffed, scratched and dull hardwood floors with very little preparation and absolutely no sanding. See

The water-based formula means the product is both low odor and fast drying. Just sweep or vacuum the floor to remove loose dirt and wash the floor with Minwax(R) Hardwood Floor Cleaner, a mild oil-free cleaner that removes dirt and grease without leaving a residue.

"Reviver is an easy way to revitalize worn hardwood floors without undertaking a complete refinishing, making it a perfect and simple do-it-yourself project," said Jacquelyn Ferrara, director of marketing, Minwax.

Available at hardware stores and home centers, Minwax(R) Hardwood Floor Reviver comes in a one-quart size.

After cleaning, apply a thin layer of Reviver using a synthetic applicator pad and let dry for two hours. You can give your hardwood floors new life and keep them looking beautiful by reapplying every three to six months.

Stronger and more durable than polish, Reviver is a topcoat that restores shine and provides a layer of protection to any unwaxed, polyurethane-finished floor.

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Give Wood Floors a Fresh Look With Minwax(R) Hardwood Floor Reviver

UPPER SADDLE RIVER, N.J., March 28 /PRNewswire/ -- With real hardwood floors, scuffs and scratches can appear out of nowhere and high-traffic areas begin to dull over time, taking away from the elegance of such a beautiful asset.

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"A product like Reviver provides a layer of protection, but homeowners can take additional preventative measures to protect hardwood floors," added Ferrara.

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Place felt or protector pads on all furniture legs that touch the wood floor, place mats or area rugs in entryways and high-traffic areas, and keep pets' nails trimmed. Perform regular cleaning and maintenance, and you can avoid damage and keep your hardwood floors looking fabulous.

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