New textbooks on agenda for tonight’s USD 480 meeting

Extra courses through Seward County Community College will also be discussed. Staff will be asking the board to approve the chance for students to enroll in Computer Applications and Accounting for college credit and will also be asking the board to approve courses through SCCC for Liberal High School students starting this fall.

xPolicies will once again start the next meeting for the USD No. 480 Board of Education starting tonight at 6:30.

Installation and maintenance of several items will also be up for the board, with the first of these being the installation of the fiber network and splicing of said fibers.

Additional classified positions and additional certified positions in the district will also be looking to be approved at tonights meeting for the 2016-17 school year.

The board will also be looking to approve the annual maintenance renewal on the Lenovo Blade Centers in the district.

Another one of the items will concern access points in Prairie View Elementary School and Eisenhower Middle School. With construction of these two schools going on, the district will need to provide points of internet access, according to agenda. Both buildings will each need 186 of these points.

Capturing Kids Hearts will also be on the agenda for the board this evening. Staff will be recommending the board approve the professional learning for the program for this summer. Along with this professional learning event, the board will also be asked to approve the scheduled professional learning/consultant days for 2016-17.

For the meetings finale, the board will be discussing re-coating the floors of both of the gyms at Liberal High School along with the gyms at South Middle School, Cottonwood Intermediate School and Sunflower Intermediate School.

At the end of the fiscal year of 2014-15, $39,575 was encumbered for preschool furniture, the agenda noted. Since USD 480 bid out the FFE (Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment) for the new schools, we have used the same prices and furniture for the preschool as our elementary schools. This quote includes the following: 275 12-inch student chairs, 11 half moon tables, 44 clover tables, 11 teacher chair for small groups, 11 teacher desks, 11 computer tables for teacher and 11 teacher chairs for desk. This will be paid with the prior year encumbrance and $9,420.55 from the current year preschool funding.

Along with the music textbooks, the board will also be asked to approve the purchase of new math textbooks for students in grades six through 12. Along with all of these materials, the board will also be asked to approve the purchase of materials for the dual language and Success For All programs.alt

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Young musicians in grades kindergarten through fifth grade will be discussed tonight. The board will be asked to approve the adoption of a new textbook from McGraw Hill Education and the purchase of iPads, which are required with the new textbook.

With a preschool program slowly gaining its bearings, the classrooms will need new furniture.

Two coats of water based finish with no less than 27 percent solids content are specified and required, the agenda noted. Because of the renovation of West Middle School, the availability of West Middle School gym is not determined at this time; the bids for sanding and refinishing of that floor is not being recommended at this time.

Along with these college courses, the board will also be looking at approving elective courses through Plato for the students at Liberal Alternative School.

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